Is China a good idea?

From my point of view was getting mattied to a lady from a different culture and part of the world, is China a good idea? In my case it was. I had reached a point in my life… Read More

A wonderful thing indeed

Hello Dawn,  We have wanted to share our story for a very long time as we feel that it may encourage anyone else in similar circumstances.  I first wrote to Shirley in June of 2011. I think it… Read More

You allowed us found happiness

Dear Dawn and Richard, As I write this, I cannot help but remember all that has happened since I began the search for my soulmate. After a failed relationship that hurt me deeply, I did not know what… Read More

Our love are so strong…

Hi Dearest Xiaoyan, I hope everything is going very well with you and your family. Do you remember me? I was there this Feburary when Asian Promise had the meeting at Dengshikou, Beijing and I helped you with… Read More

Asian Promise lovers

We both wish to thank Asian Promise most sincerely