Our love are so strong…

Hi Dearest Xiaoyan,

I hope everything is going very well with you and your family. Do you remember me? I was there this Feburary when Asian Promise had the meeting at Dengshikou, Beijing and I helped you with some of the interpretation that evening.

I am very happy to send our blessings from me, my son and my husband. I also want you to share our joy. It’s an extreme amazing and fantastic love story happened to us and there was only 3 months between we met via AP in May and got married in August. I will write to you more details when I can. Everything just seems like the best I could never imagine. Our love and marriage are so strong it feels like living in the heaven in this life.

Thanks again so much and with lots of love, take care! Say hello to Rich and your daughter and son! I just can not express how happy we are right now.

Our perfect love and marriage bring the following thoughts to me

The more deeply, more unselfishly, and more properly one loves, the happier they will be. The source of this happiness is unlimited, and it can overcome any kinds of disease, pain, suffering or difficulty in the world.

The only way for human beings to live beyond this limited life, is to live in this kind of love, and it brings such a joy of and with the intergration of the soul and the body.

Dawn Xiaochun/2301   12 September, 2010

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