Frequently Asked Questions

About Asian Promise

Why AsianPromise?

Please refer to our page: Why AsianPromise?

Are you IMBRA compliant? – “The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act” 

IMBRA is a controversial United States federal statute that requires background checks for all marriage visa sponsors. It was signed into law on January 5, 2006. The IMBRA Act targets US citizens with criminal histories. Please see its relevant website for the details of IMBRA.

Asian Promise, located in Australia since 2007, helps Asian ladies to find love and happiness internationally and its principal business is not to provide dating services between United States citizens and other individuals and offers comparable services to our members regardless of gender or country of citizenship. For these reasons, Asian Promise is exempt from the Act.

About Asian Promise Ladies

Why are your ladies special?  

Please refer to our page: Why are AsianPromise Ladies Special?

Do you actually meet and interview your women all in person? 

We do not meet and interview every member of Asian Promise, but we review applications carefully.

As with building any relationship, those involved should take time to get to know each other to be sure that you are both sincere to make a lifelong commitment.

Do you ladies all can write or speak English and contact me directly? 

Most of our ladies can, with varying skills, write or speak English. Since good communication is crucial for a happy relationship, we encourage all our ladies to learn and improve their English by talking to you directly. If the lady is not willing to learn English and wants to depend on a translator or agent, we don’t welcome her to join Asian Promise.  We guarantee that more than 95% of our ladies can contact you directly. We have published her English level on her profile for your reference. The most important thing after all is her attitude to English learning, not her current English level.

Some of your ladies’ profiles have been there for one year, are they still valid? 

We only offer 6 or 12 months period of membership for Asian Ladies. During her membership with Asian Promise, she can update her profile, turn off or on her profile and contact us at any time.

Since most of our ladies are looking for a true love and a long term relationship, which needs effort and time as we all know, it is quite usual to see some of our ladies who have been on Asian Promise for one year or even longer than one year if she re-join.

How Asian Promise Works

What does it cost to become a member?

It is Free to become a member. As a free member, you can view and send your interests to other members, and receive interests or emails from other members. However if you want to email her/him, you will need to become a paid member. Please go to Member Login page to upgrade your membership.

Asian Promise does not make a profit and it needs your help and support. Your kind contribution to supporting Asian Promise would be very much appreciated.

How do you ensure your service and members quality?

Most of Asian Promise ladies are committed to find Western men for love and marriage. Our ladies apply to join directly through Asian Promise and are not referred by agencies. Asian Promise offers a quality service, which is monitored and updated every day. We review each Asian lady member profile individually and no member’s profile is more than 12 months old.

Asian Promise  is run by an Euro-Asian couple –  Richard and Dawn Xiao Yan. With our happiness, knowledge, experience, belief and passion, we are in an excellent position to help Asian ladies to meet Western men for love and marriage.  Dawn Xiao Yan, has published three books that help Western men and Chinese/Asian ladies to meet and to achieve happy cross-cultural relationships. Therefore our members are well-informed with love and cultural issues.

How do we get in touch with each other? 

Firstly  submit your profile for Free.

Free members

You can exchange messages showing interest to each other through the Asian Promise system. You can also receive emails from paid members.

Paid members

Apart from all benefits you have as a free member, you can write to other members with your own words. Your first email is through the Asian Promise system with your email address attached. After that, you can set up  communication with each other directly.

For the details of the membership difference, please see the benefits of membership.

How do I update my profile? 

You can update your profile at our My Account page.

Cultural and Dating Advice

Why do these ladies want to find a foreign husband?

Please refer to our page: Chinese Women

How can I protect myself to be cheated?

Please refer to our page: Precautions

How do I choose Between Ladies?

We understand your concerns very much. Most of the time our men start with more than one lady. After 2-3 months of corresponding, you should work out which ones you would like to meet. The relationship should be confirmed after you meet them in person and you should stop contacting others for marriage purposes after then (we prefer to publish a photo of you and your lover on our website in order to increase the transparency among our customers, see  Our Lovers ).  If you decide to start with more than one lady, we suggest you to tell her the truth. Our ladies would understand this and in fact most of time they do the same things as you do.

I want to call my lady by telephone. What is the time difference?

Unfortunately this is going to vary depending on which country you are calling from and any seasonal adjustments that exist there. It is worth noting, however, that is no time difference across China and Hong Kong and no seasonal adjustments. Use the following as a rough guide:

UK: Call at lunchtime and it is evening in China (+7-8 hours difference)
USA: Call in the evening and it is daytime in China (+13 to 18 hours difference)
Australia: Call during the evening and it is daytime in China (0 to -3 hours difference)

For other countries, please see The World Clock.

Do I need to visit the lady in Asia or can she join me here?

From our experience, most men go to Asia to see their lady after first corresponding with each other by email or phone for at least 2-3 months. By doing this, the man not only shows his sincerity, but also gets the real feeling of being together. It is usually easier for men from overseas to travel to Asia than for Asian ladies to travel overseas because of visa problems. In addition, most Asian ladies still enjoy traditional dating. They like a man to chase her to prove his interest.

In this case we also think you need to consider the lady’s view point. You are asking her to give up her job, home, family, culture and food to travel to a foreign country to live with someone she has only met by email. It a big risk. And how does she know she will get on with you and will have some financial security in the new place?

How can I get married with her?

Please refer to our page:  Getting Married

Can you give me more advice on culture and dating, e,g. communication, sex, money…? 

Please read our book Chinese Women in Love and Marriage – A Guide to Happiness in Cross-Cultural Relationships to get all these answers and build up your confidence to find Asian/Chinese love. Some of the contents have been published at our page: Communication, Chinese Women, Asian and Chinese Dating Tips. We also have some information for Filipino Women.

Although we strongly recommend men to read the book Chinese Women in Love and Marriage, we do understand people need individual help, Please go to page Our Expertise to refer to “Cross-Cultural Consultancy Service”.

About Our Book: Chinese Women in Love and Marriage

What is the book about?

Please refer to our page:  Chinese Women in Love and Marriage

Can I read the book as PDF format file?

Yes, we have created PDF format for the book “Chinese Women in Love and Marriage” since April, 2013. Windows or Mac Operating System. PDF Reader (You can obtain a PDF reader by clicking  here).  You can read the book in all electronic devices supporting the PDF file format now!

Can I buy a hard/printed copy? 

Yes, you can buy a hard/printed copy at:  iUniverse or  Amazon.com.

Other Supporting Information

Learning Chinese

Although learning Chinese is not easy, your determination and intentions to learn will be appreciated by her and motivate her to learn your language. Learning Chinese will help you to understand Chinese culture and facilitate the harmony of your relationship. Please check “www.ChineseHour.com“, which offer you a tailored 1-on-1 Chinese online lesson.  You can learn Chinese in a comfortable and fun setting!


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